Sunday Snog – Overtime

Sunday Snog

Today’s snog is from my story Overtime, which appears in A Woman’s Touch. Hurry up, it’s free until Tuesday on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Happy Sunday.

“Open your mouth.” Cathy was back to giving commands again and Laura easily complied. She tasted herself on her lips as Cathy ran her fingers over them, before inserting them into her mouth. Laura licked and sucked, savouring the feeling of Cathy’s fingers on her tongue. It was her turn to drill her eyes into Cathy’s, who, try as she might, couldn’t stop an almost inaudible gasp from escaping her.

With her fingers still in Laura’s mouth, Cathy inched closer and pressed her lips against Laura’s. Despite coming on her boss’ fingers earlier, this was by far the most intimate moment they had shared. Laura felt her legs go weak again and this time she couldn’t stop herself. Unhinged from her thoughts and inhibitions, her hands drifted to the waistband of Cathy’s skirt. She’d barely touched Cathy and was consumed by the desire to do so, to give back. Cathy paid her after all. Cathy stiffened at her touch and retracted her fingers as well as her lips.

Do stop by Victoria’s blog for more lip lock action!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by and making the effort of leaving a comment. Your kind words are very much appreciated!

  2. Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic weekend! And thank you for the free books! 🙂

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