Sunday Snog – Wetter

Sunday Snog

WetterToday’s snog is from my free story Wetter. You can download it for zero bucks from AmazonSmashwordsiTunesBarnes & NobleKoboDieselRainbow eBooks and All Romance. Or just read it in the Free stories section. Enjoy!

“Oh,” she yelped and let her back slam against the slippery wall, making enough noise to get Toni’s attention. It only took Toni two seconds and three long strides to reach her side, her hands planted under Rachel’s armpits and her eyes scanning Rachel’s face for signs of an imminent blackout. Rachel may not have to fake that dizzy spell after all. Blood rushed to her cheeks as she took stock of the situation. Two naked women crammed together in a shower cubicle with no one else around. No, not just two women—Rachel cornered by Toni’s strong arms against the wall, which was getting colder against her hot skin. Rachel couldn’t help but notice Toni’s hard nipples, dark circles standing out against the light mocha complexion of her skin, like candy waiting to be licked.

“Shit,” Rachel whispered as she heard the door of the changing room swing open and then shut. Toni put her hand in front of Rachel’s mouth, curling her long fingers across her jaw.

“Shhht,” she hissed. “If we’re lucky, she’ll be in and out.”

Distant footsteps pattered about and Rachel prayed for them to not come any closer to the showers. Toni fixed her hazelnut eyes on Rachel, her hand still curved over Rachel’s lips. Water drummed down around them and bounced up over their feet. Things can hardly get wetter, Rachel thought, but immediately had to correct herself. It wasn’t just water from the shower seeping down her legs. Her entire body pulsed and throbbed, aching to be touched more intimately by Toni.

Toni still had one hand underneath Rachel’s armpit, but now withdrew it. She used it to shove the shower doors together and then gently ran a finger across Rachel’s collar bone. Her finger travelled between Rachel’s breasts, down to her belly. Whoever had come in was still fumbling with locker keys and Rachel heard precious seconds ticking away in her head. The presence of the other woman didn’t seem to faze Toni, who took the opportunity to drive Rachel wild by skimming just one finger over her upper body. A nail trailed over Rachel’s abs now and she was grateful for the extra crunches their body pump instructor subjected them to at the end of every class.

Beneath Toni’s other hand, the one still clamped over her chin, Rachel widened her mouth and ran her lips over Toni’s drenched palm. Soon she was licking her fingers and sucking them into her mouth—at least it kept her quiet.

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