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1. The Honeymoon

The HoneymoonA sizzling novelette featuring a couple of newlyweds honeymooning in Phuket. When they encounter a mysterious Asian woman in their beach side resort, they decide to give each other a very special wedding gift.

Teaser extract:

“You were dripping wet, babe,” Anna said, a smidgen of irony tainting her voice. “Yellow fever?”

Roz caught her breath and made her way to the bed. She pushed Anna down onto the stark white sheets and towered over her.

“It seems to be spreading these days,” she hissed into Anna’s ear and undid her bikini top, which was already half torn-down. “I’m sure you won’t last longer than five minutes either.” Roz kissed Anna right next to her lips and felt her mouth stretch into a smile.

“Only because of your expert tongue.” She planted her hands in Roz’ hair and nudged her head down. Roz delayed briefly at Anna’s chest, dividing her attention between the two perfectly rounded domes. Anna’s nipples were so tiny and perfect, the way they reached up all perky and creased. Roz enjoyed their stiffness on her tongue and the testament they were to how her wife still longed for her—and the mysterious Asian woman.

The Honeymoon will be available from online retail stores in early July.

2. Wetter

WetterA FREE (and sweaty) short story about Rachel, who’s had a crush on her spin instructor Toni for months. One late night visit to the locker room steam cabin transforms her fantasies into hot, steaming reality.

Wetter will be available on 25 June 2012. Subscribe to the mailing list if you want to get it delivered to your mailbox >>





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