On Sale: The Duet

The Duet by Harper Bliss

My steamy age-gap rock star romance The Duet is on sale for a limited time!

DISCOUNTED FOR A LIMITED TIME – $2.99 instead of $7.99!

An iconic queer rock star. Her eager support act. A duet that will change their lives forever.

The Lady Kings and their singer, Lana Lynch, have been out of the limelight since Lana’s partner’s sudden death ten years ago. They’re ready for an epic comeback tour, but have to take a young and hip support band with them.

Cleo Palmer and The Other Women are over the moon when they get booked to support their lifelong idols and share the stage with the iconic Lady Kings—especially queer legend Lana Lynch.

But when Lana invites her to sing a sensual duet together every night, Cleo gets way more than she bargained for.

Lana and Cleo’s on-stage chemistry is off the charts, but the differences in their age and life experience, not to mention some dramatic band politics, prove difficult to overcome.

Can Lana and Cleo find their way to each other once the spotlights are switched off?

Best-selling lesbian fiction author Harper Bliss brings you an age-gap rock star romance about what happens when the passion of a performance turns into something real…

📚 Get your discounted copy now and join Lana and Cleo as they rock each other’s world!

Here’s a little snippet:

Oh, damn. I usually last a hell of a lot longer than this, but my neglected body is no match for Cleo’s intensity. For her effortless sexiness. For how she sings “I Should Have Kissed You” with me. For how much she wanted this and how she could so perfectly translate that desire into a climax for me.

I come wildly at her deft tongue. I let myself be carried away on this dazzling wave of her, because Cleo is nothing if not dazzling. When she takes to the stage as well as when she kneels between my legs.

Next time we sing together, when she sings to me, this is the image that will come to me and—no doubt—as long as we’re on stage together, I won’t be able to resist doing this over and over again.

So much for not predicting the future.

Experience the Chemistry! Get your discounted copy of The Duet and see what happens when the music fades and real life plays on. 😊🔥

The Duet is available from all retailers:
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Sale ends soon, so don’t miss your chance to get lost in Lana and Cleo’s age-gap story! ❤️

Lana & Cleo in The Duet

Enjoy! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜⁠

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