Fantasy Casting ‘Still the One’

Here’s my fantasy casting for Mac & Jamie in Still the One.

My fantasy cast ladies are extremely British, but that doesn’t make them any less dreamy (on the contrary). 😍

Claudia WinklemanClaudia Winkleman as Jamie Sullivan

Gabby LoganGabby Logan as Gabrielle ‘Mac’ Mackenzie

Additionally, I’ve been experimenting with AI image creation and I ‘made’ Mac and Jamie thanks to some massive AI (lesbian!) processing power 🤩:

Jamie Sullivan in Still the OneJamie

Gabrielle 'Mac' Mackenzie in Still the OneMac

Join Jamie and Mac in Still the One as they confront the past, embrace forgiveness, and discover the unstoppable force of true love. 💖

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7 Responses

  1. Claudia is a great Jamie. I prefer AI Mac. I have to say I’ve loved this book – already read it probably four times. 🙂

  2. AI mac is gorgeous, if no pictures on cover I do find fantasy characters, as in this post, really help, even with your masterful (yes I’m sucking up lol) description. But I often think Claudia V is an AI come to life. Gabbys’ dad was a football hero of mine so I’ve followed her career.

  3. I just ordered this book and can’t wait to start it. I love the idea of fantasy casting. Having a picture of the characters in mind makes the story much more interesting.

  4. I love the second set of ladies…they seem more laid back, and fit my inner pics of Jamie and Mac.

    Great book!

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