ON SALE: The Village Romance Series

Remember when Laila Robins said she’d play Helen in the movie of A Lesson in Love?

That’s not what’s happening (although a girl can dream!) but my student-teacher age-gap romance A Lesson in Love, alongside the other two books in The Village Romance Series, is on sale until 21 July!

All 3 books in the series are discounted to $2.99/£2.99/€2.99 for the next 10 days!

Here’s what Book 1, A Shot at Love by T.B. Markinson, is all about:

Can the sassy American win the shy Brit?

Josie Adams had a brilliant speechwriting career in American politics—until a scandal destroyed everything. Unsure what to do with the rest of her life, she moves home with her mother in the Cotswolds.

Journalist Harriet Powell ditched London after getting sacked and divorced within six months of each other. She hopes to find peace in the village, but after meeting Josie, Harry’s world will never be the same.

While the two don’t see eye to eye on the professional front, it’s hard to deny their connection, even if Josie’s mum is determined to set Josie up with anyone who isn’t Harry.

Can the two conquer their personal and professional struggles to let the other in?

A Shot at Love is available from Amazon:
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– Amazon UK
– Amazon CA
– Amazon AUS
– Other Amazon Stores

Book 2 is A Taste of Love by Clare Lydon:

Can the city girl win the village sweetheart?

Single since forever, Natalie Hill has all but given up on love. She’s convinced herself and everyone else she wants a quiet life. But if a tall, dark and gorgeous stranger turned up on her doorstep, her plans might change…

Enter Ellie Knap, who’s jump-starting her life in the Cotswolds after bailing on her relationship and her career. Her plan? To open an ice cream shop and melt into the village.

When the two meet it’s far from love at first sight, but then slowly, they become friends. Then one night, on a moonlit bridge, everything changes… But can Ellie pack up her old life in time to embrace the new? And can Natalie hold on tight when her quiet life suddenly gets deafeningly loud?

A Taste of Love is available from Amazon:
– Amazon US
– Amazon UK
– Amazon CA
– Amazon AUS
– Other Amazon Stores

And finally, my own contribution to the series, A Lesson in Love:

Can the posh student win the uptight professor?

Helen Swift is almost fifty and tired of her day job as a professor at Oxford University. She prefers to write cozy mysteries under a well-hidden pen name in her Cotswolds cottage. She’s also far too busy to even consider romance.

Posh girl, Victoria ‘Rory’ Carlisle, is over the moon when she snags Helen as her DPhil supervisor, and not only because of Professor Swift’s academic prowess. Rory takes an instant shine to Helen, who is far from charmed by her advances.

Can Rory make a dent in the wall that Helen has built around herself? And does Helen even have the time for such an inappropriate dalliance?

A Lesson in Love is available from Amazon:
– Amazon US
– Amazon UK
– Amazon CA
– Amazon AU
– Other Amazon Stores

One English village, three charming romances, now temporarily available for less than 10 bucks!

Enjoy! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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