Fantasy Casting ‘At First Sight’

Here’s my fantasy casting for Jill & Amelia in At First Sight (Pink Bean 10).

More proof that being a lesbian romance writer is the best job in the world: I spent a good part of 2020 imagining these two together. 😉

Kristin Scott Thomas as Jill Becket

If you haven’t seen her as the menopausal lesbian in Fleabag, go watch it now. It’s one of the best tipsy TV speeches ever.

Anna Mouglalis as Amelia Shaw

You might not have heard of this gorgeous French actress. Tip: do check out the French political TV drama Baron Noir — and be prepared to melt whenever Amélie speaks. 😉

7 Responses

  1. I’ve not read the book yet, so my imagination is limited about whether the castings fit the characters but I have a HUGE crush on Kristin Scott Thomas.
    I will imagine her as Jill with pleasure!
    Looking forward to reading Pink Bean for a little light relief, then I am desperate to read a Breathless Place!
    Loved all your writing this year and I catch up with your podcast in the car.
    Thanks Harper.

  2. Wow, these two women fit perfectly. I haven’t encountered them on screen, but since I have read the book, I can honestly imagine the struggle that Kristin has, as a doctor who is trying to help this alluring Anna. Your books Harper are so captivating. You are a phenomenal writer.

  3. Kristin Scott Thomas is always a great choice. FOR anything! So… when are you going to pair Kristin and Gillian Anderson together? Or are they too close in type?
    I haven’t seen Anna Mouglalis before. But now I’ll have to check out Baron Noir.
    P.S. What ever happened to your lesbian lawyers story, working title was “Les Law”?
    Have a happy and healthy 2021! And thanks for all the great work you put out in 2020. It helped A LOT!

    1. Funny you should ask… I’m not above some fantasy cast recycling and I almost paired up KST & GA in French Kissing (but not quite…) 😉

      Lez Law has been canceled. Sorry!

      All my best in the new year and thanks for reading. <3

  4. And here I thought Abby Craden would be the obvious choice for Amelia

    Thanks for all the distraction during Lockdowns this year. Have a happy new year and stay safe!

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