NEW RELEASE: A Swing at Love (A Sweet Lesbian Romance)

A Swing at Love (A Sweet Lesbian Romance) is OUT NOW!

Here’s the blurb:

On the fairway of life, love comes when you least expect it

Diane Thompson is happy enough. Her successful accounting firm allows her plenty of time to play all the golf she wants and enjoy her life in small Sussex village Tynebury. She’s finally over the divorce from her husband, but potential suitors are few and far between for a fifty-something woman in the English countryside.

Tamsin Foxley is determined to keep matters of the heart separated from her new teaching job at the Royal Tynebury Golf Club after a disastrous romantic experience put an end to her previous employment. She has also vowed to no longer fall for women almost half her age.

When the new season starts at the golf club, Diane and Tamsin become fast friends. Their feelings for each other quickly go in an unexpected direction and they both have to reevaluate what it is they want from life.

Can Diane overcome her fear of falling for a woman? And can Tamsin accept her taste in women may have changed?

Find out in this sweet romance by best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss and her wife Caroline in her debut effort.

I do have a few things to say about this book as it’s unusual in 2 very distinct ways!

1. Hands up if you’d never thought you’d see the words ‘sweet romance’ on a Harper Bliss book?

I’m rather, um, known for my spicy scenes and… this book has ZERO.

I know, not selling things very well quite yet. 😉 For the first time in my life, I’ve had to write a ‘preface’ for a book in which I manage expectations. Gasp!

But, it’s true.

This is a ‘Harper & Caroline Bliss book’, not just one of mine, and after very looooong(-winded) deliberations we decided not to include any sex scenes and make it a true ‘sweet’ romance.

If you read my books solely for ‘those scenes’, you may want to skip this one and wait until regular naughty programming resumes…

BUT, this book has plenty of other things to offer, such as:
– loads of chemistry between the main characters
– a cozy English village setting
– an adorable dog (ha, not a long-haired tortie cat, for once!)
– a mild sprinkling of golf-related terms
– a sunny trip to Portugal
– and plenty of juicy golf club gossip…

I think it makes for a great beach read which, for once, won’t make you squirm in the sand uncomfortably! 😉

2. This is the first book my Mrs and I co-wrote and… most likely the last

It’s quite exclusive in that way… 😉

I love my Mrs to bits and we collaborate on books All The Time, but writing a first draft together was one step of lesbian merging too far for us.

We all know I’m a delicate little flower and sharing my inner-most writing thoughts in such great detail was one too many boundary crushed for me.

(Sometimes, we even argued over who was most long-winded of the two… which was quite disconcerting to me because she’s usually the one to cut half of my long-windedness from a first draft!)

That being said, I think Caroline did a WONDERFUL job. It’s not easy managing a fragile writer ego as part of your day job AND having to co-write a first draft yourself.

Anyway, we’ve both survived this test of our marriage and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our joint spousal labour.

You can buy the book here:
– Amazon US
– Amazon UK
– Amazon CA
– Amazon AUS
– Amazon DE
– Other Amazon Stores


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