NEW RELEASE: Love Without Limits (Pink Bean 7)

Love Without LimitsLove Without Limits (Pink Bean 7) is OUT NOW!

Finally, after a 5-month wait since the last book in the series came out. After so many Pink Bean-less months, I wanted to return with a bang, and Love without Limits does not hold back on any front. I can, at the very least, promise you that, BUT:

Love Without Limits is NOT a traditional lesbian romance.

I’m not saying this to psychologically trick you into reading it, but it’s a simple fact that some of you will not want to read this book, or if you do, that you will not enjoy it. Please take this into consideration.

That being said, if you like a visit to the very outer frontier of lesbian (erotic!) romance, hop on board and read along!

Book 7 in the series is NOT standalone like the other Pink Bean books. It’s the sequel to Everything Between Us (Pink Bean Book 3) (Currently on sale!) and it’s all about Caitlin James and how her relationship with Jo is progressing.

The subject (exploring a non-monogamous relationship) is not something you come across every day in lesfic, the sexy scenes are the most daring ones I’ve ever written, but the big theme, like always, is L.O.V.E.

In the end, it’s still a Pink Bean book with plenty of heart and laughs and coffee.

Love Without Limits does come with a tiny cliffhanger warning (nothing to do with Caitlin or Jo!), but I promise you won’t have to wait long to find out what happens next. I’m a third into the first draft of Pink Bean 8 and it should be out in the spring.

Here’s the blurb:

Changing the rules can open your mind

Caitlin James and Josephine Greenwood have been happily in love and committed to each other for over a year. Josephine has shed her insecurities and her musical star is on the rise, while Caitlin hosts her own television show under the supervision of a new intriguing boss.

When Josephine starts the conversation about opening up their relationship, Caitlin is faced with a shift in the power balance between them. Together, they embark on a sometimes scary but always thrilling journey to discover who they both truly are.

Can Caitlin still practice what she has always preached? And will Jo be able to find her own way in their unconventional relationship?

Find out in this genre-defying new instalment of best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss’ Pink Bean series. This book is the sequel to Everything Between Us (Pink Bean Series – Book 3).

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Meanwhile Love Without Limits has had some great early reviews. Here’s my favourite one from the fab lesfic review website Les Reveur: This unconventional romance is nothing short of exceptional. 5 stars. >>

Several people who’ve read the book already have also advised to not read it in a public space… 😉


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