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Beneath the Surface (Pink Bean Book 2) I’m very excited for two reasons! First: to have one final release before the end of the year. Second: that the book in question is Book #2 in my Pink Bean series! Not only do we return to Sydney, but we also go back in time in this book… to the very beginning of Kristin and Sheryl’s relationship. This kind of makes it a Pink Bean origin story, if you will.

One of the questions I get asked the most is to write a story about a long-term couple who have withstood the test of time and Kristin and Sheryl gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. This makes the book a complete standalone (and the Pink Bean only gets founded quite late in the story) but it was very entertaining to delve into these two ladies’ pasts.

A word of warning: this book is not as light-hearted as No Strings Attached (Pink Bean – Book One). If you read No Strings Attached and look at the cover of Beneath the Surface it’s pretty easy to put two and two together and guess at the theme of this book. Kristin and Sheryl have a rough ride but, of course (mild spoiler alert ;-p), as always in my books, a happy ending is what it’s all about.

This book is all about the sacrifices we make for love and how it sometimes, almost unnoticed, can begin to slip away.

Here’s the blurb:

The path of true love never did run straight.

Twenty years ago, Kristin Park and Sheryl Johnson were brought together by wine. Is wine also what will tear them apart today?

Beneath the Surface goes back in time to the moment Kristin and Sheryl first meet, and offers a revelatory glimpse into the ups and downs of their seemingly perfect relationship.
Grab a cup of coffee—or a glass of wine—and find out what really happens behind the closed doors of The Pink Bean.

Don’t miss this brand new instalment, and origin story, of best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss’ much-loved Pink Bean series.

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P.S. A few days ago I finished the first draft of Pink Bean – Book Three! (It’s one of those books that just tumbled out of me.) This means you won’t have to wait very long for the next instalment in the series. Yay!

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  1. Thank you for your stories, they are highly entertaining. The story build up to get to the heart of the relationships resonates something is my mind of getting love when you least expect it. So please keep writing as I will keep reading.

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