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I finished revising French Kissing: Season Three yesterday and, I swear to God, I had a few tears rolling down my cheeks as I went over the very last chapter of the very last season. It’s a very climactic, emotional chapter for sure, but I’m not really in the habit of making myself cry by reading my own writing. 😉 No, I cried (a little) because I realized this was The End for those characters that I’ve created and have come to love so much. Writing French Kissing wasn’t always easy, but it’s always been thrilling and it exercised my dramatic muscle greatly! 😉

It’s another month until the new season is released, but I’m officially starting the French Kissing Madness now! 😉 To kick things off, I’m trying something new on Facebook. I’m giving away a set of 2 signed paperbacks of season 1 and 2 and here’s how you can enter the giveaway:

(1) Head on over to my Facebook page and Like it:
(2) Share the post about the giveaway

I’ll pick a winner on Monday. This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere. Good luck!

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