High Rise

High Rise Series
Four women. One building. A million complications.

High Rise is a series of lesbian erotic romance novellas focusing on four women who live in The Ivy, the ‘sexiest building in Hong Kong’.

There’s Alex, a local gym instructor with a broken heart. Her room mate Nat, a celebrated American writer who moved to Hong Kong for love. Their upstairs neighbour Maddie, a workaholic investment banker. And the penthouse inhabitant, Isabella, a psychiatrist who’s lived in the city for fifteen years.

Romances develop and untangle as these four women get to know each other better.

Warning: these novellas includes countless hot and graphic f/f sex scenes and may make you blush (amongst other things).

Fool for Love (High Rise Novella One)Novella One: Fool for Love (Alex & Maddie)

Betrayed by her long-term girlfriend, Alex moves into The Ivy to share a flat with her friend Nat. When she meets their neighbour Maddie, a jaded expat who’s had about enough of Hong Kong’s demanding life style, both Maddie and Alex are forced to reassess their warped view on love.

A 23.000 word lesbian erotic romance novella.

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Undisclosed DesiresNovella Two: Undisclosed Desires (Nat & Isabella)

Nat, a successful American writer who came to Hong Kong following the love of her life, chases every girl she can after a brutal break-up. Her neighbour Isabella, who has shied away from relationships since her divorce five years earlier, finds herself compelled to help. They strike up an unlikely friendship and are soon faced with a growing desire for each other. But can their differences in age, aspirations and lifestyle be overcome?

A 23.000 word lesbian erotic romance novella.

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No Ordinary Love (High Rise Novella Three)Novella Three: No Ordinary Love (Alex & Maddie)

Hot fitness instructor Alex and posh banker Maddie are enjoying the delicious early stages of their love affair, until Alex’s ex-girlfriend Rita re-enters the scene. Adamant to win Alex back, Rita begs for forgiveness, leaving Alex torn between the past and the future.

A 21.000 word lesbian erotic romance novella.

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Close Enough (High Rise Novella Four)Novella Four: Close Enough (Nat & Isabella)

Scarred by the cruel break-up with her former girlfriend, Nat has difficulty committing to Isabella. Isabella is not interested in a casual relationship, but she finds it hard to let Nat go. Will Nat and Isabella find the common ground to overcome the vast differences between their personalities and lifestyle?

A 20.000 word lesbian erotic romance novella.

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High Rise (The Complete Collection) High Rise (The Complete Collection)

This title bundles all four novellas and is also available in paperback.

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