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I sat across from Claire like I did every week. Every Thursday evening from seven to eight. She was my last client of the day, but that wasn’t the only reason I looked forward to her visit. I loved the way she crossed and uncrossed her long, smooth legs whenever we reached an uncomfortable point in the conversation. I couldn’t get enough of her thick-rimmed, fashionable glasses slipping down the bridge of her nose when she tipped her head forward. I was mesmerized—sometimes not even fully listening to what she was paying me to hear—by the dip of her neck where the collar of her blouse spread wide.

Usually, it was the other way around. Clients projecting, sometimes even reluctantly admitting to indulging in a sexual fantasy about me. I always patiently explained, my face drawn into the most solemn expression, that it was normal and logical, but that, of course, nothing could or ever would happen. In my ten years of practice, I’d never once been tempted. Until Claire came along.

I wanted her from day one.

Today’s session was drawing to a close and I let my eyes linger briefly over the New York skyline sparkling behind her. I stifled a sigh at another hour of reveling in her presence coming to an end. Lust drummed in my veins and pooled between my legs. Every week, after Claire left, I was a sodden mess of desire. I sat in my plush office with the shag carpet and spectacular views and tried to rationalize my way out of this inappropriate lust. I’d even considered going into therapy myself.

“Are you listening to me, Angie?” Claire’s voice had shot up. “You charge a bit too much to not give me your full attention.”

“I’m sorry.” My response came quickly, my heart thundering in my chest. I rested my eyes on her, hoping she wouldn’t see the turmoil rushing through my flesh. “I was distracted. Long day.”

She arched up her eyebrows in disbelief. She had every right to.

“This week’s session is on the house,” I corrected myself. “And I’ll throw in a free drink as well.” I rose from my chair and headed for the liquor cabinet, hoping she didn’t have anywhere to be.

“Really?” Her voice was behind me. “Is that ethical?”

Ethical. The last word I wanted to hear. Before turning to face her, I grabbed two glasses and a bottle of Scotch.

“I highly doubt it.” I shot her a wide smile—the one I use for seducing. With every second that passed, I felt boundaries crumbling. Up until now, I’d always managed to keep myself in check, to ignore the throbbing of my clit when her voice grew low with desperation. I crossed back to where she was sitting and set the glasses down on the small table between our chairs, pouring a generous amount of liquor in both.

Silence filled the room. My office was too high up for traffic noise to filter in. My assistant had gone home at seven. It was just Claire and I, and a bottle of booze. And the lust crawling up my spine, clinging to my skin. Finding a way out.

“But I’m only human,” I continued. “I suffer from the same imperfections as anyone else.” I took a large swig of the whiskey and relished how it burned my throat, like punishment.

“Rough day?” She leaned forward and snatched the other glass from the table. I hadn’t dared offer it to her, afraid of the trembling of my hands and how it would appear. I still had some sense of decorum left. “Too many sob stories?”

We’d been working on Claire’s easy refuge into sarcasm, which I secretly loved. I chuckled nervously, then shook my head. I locked my eyes on hers, on the impossible blue of them. I’d been trying to come up with a suitable adjective to describe their dazzling color but they were all inadequate.

“It’s not something I can talk about, I’m afraid.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Confidentiality and all that.”

She nodded her understanding, but a sly smile played around her lips. “What were you thinking about earlier? When you were distracted?” She deposited her glass back on the table and curled her fingers into air quotes.

A flush spread from my neck up to my cheeks. I sipped from my drink and twirled the glass between my fingers before glancing at her again. She’d taken off her glasses and her eyes seemed too close, too knowing. “Do you really want to know?”

“I do.” The tone of her voice, even in those two short words, indicated that she already did.

I cleared my throat and swallowed the sudden dryness out of my mouth. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman to ever set foot in this office.” I resisted the urge to look away. I witnessed how a small sigh escaped from her lips.

“Apart from yourself, you mean?” She picked up her glass from the table again and drank from it without losing eye contact. Our glances stayed connected over the rim. The skin of my arms pricked, the hairs reaching up. I sat stock-still for an instant, listening to the furious beat of my heart. Her face broke out into a smile.

“It would be foolish to compare.” My voice came out strangled. “Such a waste of time.”

She slanted her body backwards. “What are we going to do about this?”

Wet heat gathered between my legs. Would it be better if I waited for her to make the first move? Or just plain silly because the time for considerations like that had surely passed?

I drained the last of my drink and stood up. My knees felt weak as I bridged the small distance to where she sat. I extended my hand to hers, fingers shaking slightly. She gripped me by the wrist and the sensation of her fingers curling against my skin made me dizzy with delight.

“I’ve always admired your view.” She twirled me around to face the window. “Let’s take a closer look.”

The blue light of dusk clung to the sky. I loved how the city lit up in the darkness, as if never wanting to go to sleep. The splendor outside paled in comparison to the wicked sparkle in Claire’s eyes as she spun me back around.

“Wonderful,” she hummed. “Truly beautiful.” She grabbed me by the waist and pushed me up against the narrow windowsill.

Desire zapped through my flesh at the touch of her fingers on my body. Was I dreaming? Was this actually happening? The window was cool against my back. A stark contrast to the heat spreading through my muscles as she raked her fingertips from my waist to my thighs.

“Is this what you were thinking of?” Claire asked before her lips found mine. She tasted of whiskey and lipstick. Her tongue was soft in my mouth, intertwining with mine, exploring. My legs turned to jelly when her fingers snuck beneath the hem of my skirt.

I traced a wet path of kisses to her ear. “Every day since we met,” I whispered. I licked her earlobe and retraced the steps my lips had taken earlier, inhaling her scent and committing it to memory.

Her thumbs pressed into the flesh of my thighs and I was glad I had the windowsill as support. My panties grew wet between my legs. My pussy throbbed violently. I pressed my palms against her chest, wanting to feel more of her. My fingers tore at the buttons of her blouse, eager to discover what lay beneath.

She broke our lip lock to hike up my skirt and I took the opportunity to slide her blouse off her shoulders. The black straps of her bra strained deliciously over her pronounced collar bones. I leaned forward and trailed my tongue along her soft skin there, biting into the right strap and guiding it off her with my teeth.

Claire moved in closer, pushing my chin up. She locked her eyes on mine as she brought her hand between my legs. With my skirt hitched up I was able to part my knees wider. When her fingertips reached the wet panel of my panties, my pussy lips felt so puffed up I could feel them press against the constraints of my underwear.

She traced a line along the fabric, up and down, and again. Our gaze stayed connected and the lust glimmering in the blue of her eyes was almost enough to set me off. I might have imagined a moment like this a dozen times per day for months, but I’d never dreamt she’d take me like this, propped up against my office window, the city glistening below us and Claire’s gaze on me as effective as what she was doing with her fingers.

Her eyes narrowed a fraction when she slid a fingertip under the hem of my panties, lifting it before sliding it to the side. My clit reacted by standing to attention instantly, eager for her touch. My pussy pulsed with want and I lifted my pelvis towards her in response. A small smile played on her lips before her face disappeared from my field of vision.

A split second later her tongue skated along my clit, briefly teasing it. I clenched my fingers around the edge of the windowsill, imagining my knuckles going white. My toes barely touched the floor and I had to engage my core muscles to retain balance. I glanced down and saw her blonde hair bobbing up and down between my thighs. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Her tongue darted in and out of me, licking along my sensitive opening—as if she instinctively knew that was what I liked. My office was quiet except for the strangled sound of my breathing and the lapping noises rising up from between my thighs. Moisture trickled out of me as Claire sucked my pussy lips into her mouth.

When her tongue hit my clit again, my knees buckled. Heat travelled through my veins, spreading like wildfire through my body. I wanted to trap her head there, keep her there forever. All the things I knew about her, all the secrets she had told me fell away when she let a finger slip inside of me. She curled it up and hit my sweet spot with the tip. I had seen it in her when we talked—I had seen that she would know exactly what to do with a woman.

The waves came fast then, my blood smoldering in my veins and my muscles ready to explode. Her tongue trilled against my clit at high speed while her finger rubbed inside. I was beginning to wonder if I had told her about this. If I had told her what makes me tick more than anything else. My eyes went wide and my shoulders tensed—my fingers still clamped around the windowsill—as a bolt of electricity took root deep inside of me.

“Oh my god,” I screamed, as my pussy released a stream of juices, the walls of my cunt trapping her finger inside. I knew it was only the beginning. My muscles went limp as my pussy released its hold on her and shot a line of liquid down my lips, moistening everything. I had no choice but to sink to the floor, landing on my knees next to Claire.

Her eyebrows were fully arched up when I found her gaze and she held a hand in front of her mouth. Her chin glistened with my juices, my wetness dripping from her. “Wow,” she said. I could only nod. My flesh was spent. My voice was gone.

I breathed in deeply to regain some kind of composure, to at least regain the power of speech. Grabbing her by the neck, I drew her near and kissed her, my teeth tugging at her lips and my tongue licking my scent off her. My fingers snuck behind her back to unclasp her bra and I pressed her down onto the floor.

“Thanks for the generous tip,” I said, finally laying eyes on her breasts. Her nipples peaked hard, denting the air. I couldn’t wait to taste them, but I needed to get her skirt off her first. I traced my fingers over her collar bone, in between her breasts, along her belly and down to the side zipper of her skirt.

Her chest rose and fell rapidly with the increasing rhythm of her breaths. I zipped her out of her skirt and she lifted her bottom to help me guide it off her legs. I wanted to feast on the smoothness of them for hours, but my office was hardly the place for that. I tugged her panties off next. They were black and soft and skimpy and I had to keep myself from pressing my nose into them and inhaling her most secret scent.

For ease of movement, I slipped out of my own skirt before settling down next to her on the floor. She lay next to me completely naked, and, as gorgeous as her body was—just as soft and sexy as I had imagined it—it was her face that got to me the most. The look in her eyes as the back of my hand made its way to the swell of her breasts. The way the corners of her mouth tugged upwards as I caught a nipple between two fingers. The rosy blush on her cheeks and the bliss spreading across her face as I shot her a smile. It dawned on me that I hadn’t been the only one fantasizing about this. Claire came across a little too eager for this to have come completely out of the blue.

I wanted nothing more than to make her come as hard as she had made me. While nuzzling my lips against her neck, I pinched her nipple between my fingers again.

“Aah,” she moaned, and the sound of her voice sent a fresh shiver of delight up my spine.

I licked my way to her lips and kissed her, trapping her moans in my mouth. As much as I wanted my lips to stay locked on hers for a long time, I needed a taste of her nipples. I hoisted myself up on one elbow and pecked my way down to her collar bone. I stopped to worship the hollow of her neck, the only body part I’d been able to gawk at freely for hours until now. Catching her breast in my hand, I lifted the tip to my mouth and sucked her nipple between my lips. This time her groan couldn’t be heard over my own. I squeezed the flesh of her breast between my fingers while suckling on her nipple. Her skin was soft, inviting, and intoxicating.

“Please,” she said, as she gently pushed my head down.

I understood.

I nipped at the hard pink bud of her nipple one last time and headed south. Her bush was neatly trimmed, allowing her clit to peak through the apex of her pussy lips. Crawling over one of her legs, I kneeled between her thighs. I marveled at the sight in front of me. Puffed up pussy lips glistening with wetness. At last, I thought, as I leaned in and kissed her there.

Her scent was heady and I felt my clit throb as I traced my tongue along her slit. I dug my hands under her behind and clenched my nails into her flesh, pushing her closer to me. When I probed the tip of my tongue into her opening the first time, she let out another sigh, her pelvis bucking up to meet me. The time for teasing had passed.

My lips latched onto her clit, sucking it into my mouth.

“Oh god,” she said as her fingers found my hair, her nails digging into my skull. “Oh yes.”

I flicked my tongue over her clit a few times before releasing it from my mouth. She responded by shoving my head deeper between her lips.

“Don’t stop,” she hissed, and I had no intention of stopping. I sucked as much of her lips into my mouth as I could before trailing my tongue from the bottom of her pussy all the way up and launching a frenzy of licks on her clit.

Instantly, I felt her muscles tense beneath me. I lapped at her clit, flicking it from left to right, until she came, shuddering, her pussy releasing a jet of juices that I happily swallowed.

“Jesus,” she sighed. Her body relaxed and, as happy as making her come had made me, I wanted so much more. I crawled up to her, pouring half of my body over her, my own pussy lips pulsing with need again.

“I don’t charge for house calls,” I whispered in her ear. “Any chance we can continue this in your bed?”

“Oh yes.” She held me tight in her arms, her fingers stroking my neck. “But you need to recommend a new therapist first.”


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