PREVIEW: That Woman Next Door

That Woman Next Door

That Woman Next Door will be out on 23 September 2021. You can pre-order the ebook here >> Here’s a preview. Enjoy! That Woman Next Door © Harper Bliss CHAPTER ONE MARIE I kill the engine and stare at the house. It looks so desolate in the middle of winter. Maybe depressing is a better […]

PODCAST: Harper Bliss & Her Mrs – Episode 33: Harper Is Not Entry-Level

This week we’re recording the podcast in Paris! Harper is in the middle of writing a very long sex scene in her Cotswolds romance. She also took an online course for ads while Caroline was out playing golf, again. This week marks Harper’s one-year anniversary of being off social media and she’s still happy with […]

PODCAST: Harper Bliss & Her Mrs – Episode 32: Harper Is Easily Bamboozled

In this episode, Harper talks about her 4th-week wobble, and we announce the release date of French Kissing: Season Five. We do our best to live up to our ‘Explicit’ label and Harper recommends this meditation. While Caroline was away feeling very old on the golf course, Harper read Writing and Releasing Rapidly by Elana […]

PODCAST: Harper Bliss & Her Mrs – Episode 29: Harper Wants Table Service

We’re back after a slightly longer break than planned. Our holiday started with the Bananarama of lesfic in a minivan in the Cotswolds. Check out the other band members’ podcast Lesbians Who Write! Then we went to the London Book Fair where several lesbians developed a man crush. Harper says which movie made her bawl […]

PODCAST: Harper Bliss & Her Mrs – Episode 26: Harper Misses Kirsty Young

We’re back after an unforeseen hiatus last week due to a bout of writerly malaise. In this episode we talk about a BBC Radio 4 podcast we enjoy, our latest Netflix binge, and our weekend plans to visit exciting Luxembourg. And we also want someone to slide into our DM, whatever that means. Tune in […]