Fantasy Casting ‘The Duet’

Here’s my fantasy casting for Lana and Cleo in The Duet.

Can you see it in your head the way that I did in mine? 😉

P.S. Abby Craden has finished recording the audio, which means it’s coming soon!

Lana LynchChrissie Hynde as Lana Lynch

Cleo PalmerAngela Scanlon as Cleo Palmer

7 Responses

  1. Definitely Chrissie Hynde but two possible way out there names
    Jessie Buckley or Jodie Comer

  2. Hayley Williams from Paramore as Cleo and Donita Sparks from L7 as Lana. I can definitely see Chrissie Hynde as Lana but the age gap is too big for Hayley who I kept picturing as Cleo.

  3. Yeessss. Ok. So i’m just realizing that you share fantasy casting on your page. I will now have to come here before I start a new book. Your fantasy casting for “The Duet” is probably one of my favs that mashes so well with the characters I have painted in my head.

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