The Hottest Women On My TV – Part 3

1. Melinda May

Melinda May

Obviously, the biggest mistake the producers of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. made (apart from naming their show that) was not choosing Agent Melinda May as their main character. I tend to start snoozing every time Agent Coulson appears on my screen, only to be rudely but pleasantly awakened every time Melinda starts kicking some butt. She’s the mysterious, quiet type who lets her actions speak louder than her words and she rocks a leather suit like no one else. And she steals every scene. Spin-off, please!

2. Saul’s wife

Saul's wife

Homeland is not a show I watch because of its high density of hot ladies (The L Word and Lip Service were ;-p), but whenever Saul makes it home after a very rough day at the office, I do get a little excited. Then I start shouting at Saul my TV, uttering expletives because of what an idiot Saul is for not going home earlier because his wife Mira is so hot, I just don’t understand. I guess it’s not easy being the chief of spies, but at least he has Mira.

3. Every female character on Miranda


Funny is the new sexy, right? Even if it’s not, Miranda is my new idol. I’ve reached the point where I can recite good portions of dialogue (and go to withdraw Johnny Cashingtons instead of just money from the bank). Whenever I almost trip, I do dressage and say ‘I was meant to go out that way’ and whenever I feel gloomy I watch an episode of Miranda and end up saying ‘such fun!’ (I know this doesn’t make any sense when you haven’t seen Miranda. Sorry. Watch it!)

2 Responses

  1. Damn you, I just went into a slight drooling trance remembering how much I love Lip Service and I want to watch it again. Also, I might need this meme on my blog just to share with the world my hottest ladies ;).
    But, yes, yes, I know, guest-posts. I have 2 down already! 😀

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