Things I Did This Week #13

– Did a search on my blog and came to the horrific conclusion that I haven’t done one of these lists since March!
– Realised consistency is not my strong suit (well, re-confirmed more like, because I already knew that, but sometimes, because of my lack of consistency, I tend to forget.)
– Finished the first draft of Summer’s End (The verdict from the wife is not in yet, please tweet her and tell her to hurry the f*ck up!) ๐Ÿ˜‰
– Wrote my story for our Christmas mini-anthology, just beating my own deadline (shht, don’t tell the others. ;-))
– Realised that, despite not having set foot in a ‘real’ office for more than three years, I appear to have a really big thing for characters getting it on at work (evidence to come in my Christmas story)
– Wondered if that is one of the reasons we’re getting a Ladylit office…
– Ordered the most important piece of equipment for said office (a Nespresso machine)
– Was utterly thrilled to find that Film 2013 with Claudia Winkleman is back on (I could watch Claudia talk about movies on my TV for at least 48 hours on end)
– Was appalled by the fact that Claudia’s co-host Danny still hasn’t learned that sitting with your legs wide apart doesn’t make you more of a man
– Started counting down to our mini-getaway to Phuket next weekend
– Slept with a duvet for an entire night for the first time in six months
– Watched every single episode of the three seasons of Miranda back-to-back, after just having seen them last week (such fun!)
– Sent about a hundred e-mails to Laila Blake ๐Ÿ˜‰
– Was shocked, amazed and then incredibly thankful after seeing the October sales numbers for I Still Remember. (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)
– Made this list

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  1. *whistles and twirls* Me?
    Also, omg, I kind can’t count how many times I’ve watched Miranda back to back. British shows are just too short and way too good.

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