Hump Day Hook: Anything She Wants

Anything She WantsLet me warn you before the madness starts. As of today, everything on my blog will revolve around Anything She Wants. 😉 The official release date is June 7th, but for this week’s Hump Day Hook I’m giving you a sneak peek at my story Alphas (which appears in Anything She Wants.)

“My office in ten?” Robin asks. She towers over the table. I follow the line of her cleavage because it’s impossible not to. It doesn’t give anything away though. Robin is all about suggestion.

“Sure.” At least I’ll have a few minutes to compose myself and check which case we’re meant to crack together.

I shuffle out of the conference room behind Robin and can’t help but inhale a whiff of her perfume. I’ve been trying to figure out which one it is—sniffing endless scented paper sticks at Sephora—but I’m a much better lawyer than I am a detective.

Nine minutes later I knock on her open door.

“Come,” she says, her voice measured and authoritative. She sits behind her desk like a queen on a throne, illuminated by light streaming from giant windows. Robin started at the firm barely a month before I did, but she’s always had a knack for securing things well above her status. My office is spacious and light, but not nearly as big and bright as Robin’s. No matter how hard I try—and sample different dry cleaners—my suits are never as crisp as hers. And my nerve always seems to crumble when I’m within three feet of her.

I sit down in a chair opposite her desk without being invited.

“Would you mind closing the door, please?” Robin’s eyes rest on me, a tight smile tugging at her lips. I know she waited for me to sit so she could ask me to get up again. It’s how alpha females like Robin assert their power—with the small things that get under people’s skin the most.

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