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No Ordinary Love No Ordinary Love (High Rise Novella Three) will be out early next week. A little later than expected, but, to make up for that, I’m posting the first chapter (and it’s a saucy one).

The focus in No Ordinary Love is back on Maddie and Alex from Fool for Love.

Here’s the blurb
Hot fitness instructor Alex and posh banker Maddie are enjoying the delicious early stages of their love affair, until Alex’s ex-girlfriend Rita re-enters the scene. Adamant to win Alex back, Rita begs for forgiveness, leaving Alex torn between the past and the future.

And here is the first chapter

Alex lay with her hands cuffed to the railing of Maddie’s bed. The cuffs were lined with fur, but still cut into Alex’s flesh every time she moved.

She had scratches on her back, her buttocks, and a whole maze of them healing on her shoulders. Maddie always had that little extra to give when it came to Alex’s shoulders. Her nails dug a little deeper and her moans grew higher whenever Alex flexed her shoulder muscles.

Her shoulders, no matter how strong, were quite useless now though. So were her legs, tied around the ankle to the foot end of the bed with two of Maddie’s Hermès scarves.

Alex was totally at Maddie’s mercy and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Maddie’s gaze hovering over her naked, helpless flesh was enough to cause a wild throbbing in Alex’s clit. But Maddie wasn’t just using her eyes. She’d unearthed a short leather whip from the box under the bed where she kept all her valuables—as she called them—and traced it along Alex’s abs. Alex’s abs could take a lot of things, gentle teasing with what looked like a riding crop was not one of them. She squirmed under the touch of the leather and the more she squirmed the more Maddie loved it.

As usual, Maddie had undressed Alex with no intention of shedding her own clothes. She still wore her work outfit, a grey Ralph Lauren pencil skirt topped with a black pin-striped blouse that looked a little too tight for comfort at the office. Maddie’s blond hair was tied together at the back of her head and, no doubt for effect, she hadn’t taken off her dark-rimmed reading glasses. It was working.

The room was silent except for the soft swish of the whip as it glided along Alex’s flesh and the ragged sound of Alex’s breath, which escaped her at quickening intervals.

Maddie kneeled between Alex’s legs, her face sporting that wicked smirk she only ever displayed in the bedroom. They’d only been dating a few weeks but Alex always knew the score when she spotted the bedroom smirk.

It was hard to notice the emotion in Maddie’s eyes while they were protected by glasses, but Alex could see plenty of passion displayed in the way Maddie’s mouth twitched upwards as she dragged the tip of the whip over Alex’s breasts. Maddie’s nipples had grown so stiff they pointed through the fabric of her bra and blouse.

For the first time that night Maddie cracked the whip, right next to Alex’s left nipple. Alex let out a tiny gasp, loud enough to encourage Maddie to repeat the action, but controlled enough to not let her experience too much satisfaction. From the outside Maddie may have appeared completely in charge, but they both understood this game was a two-way street.

Maddie treated Alex’s right breast to the same sensation, but added more power to her action. She trailed the whip between Alex’s breasts, down to her belly and over her belly button to her upper thighs. A few quick snaps on each thigh, on that delicate spot just below her entrance, and Alex was lost.

A rapid succession of whip lashes on her nipples and outer thighs reduced Alex to a puddle of desire at Maddie’s mercy. Then Maddie positioned the whip between her legs again. She traced it through the moistness gathering there, slowly but with such menace it made Alex shiver in her skin.

Maddie flicked the whip twice right on Alex’s clit. Alex arched her back and the cuffs bit into the tender flesh of her wrists. The whip circled her pussy before coming down hard on her blood-shot lips. Wetness trickled between Alex’s legs and suddenly the whip was gone.

Maddie removed her glasses, slowly unbuttoned her blouse, slid out of her skirt and sat in front of Alex clad only in a black lace bra and matching panties. Unlike Alex, Maddie always dressed to impress.

Her light blue eyes peered into Alex’s. She didn’t move a muscle for several seconds, just staring at Alex, her unflinching glare setting Alex’s skin on fire.

Maddie had said it out loud enough for Alex to guess what she was thinking—that her body was a work of art. That marble statues should be carved to its likeness. That it should never be allowed to be covered by more than a tank top and boy shorts, and only if strictly necessary.

She had that ravaging expression on her face, her lips pursed together in a tight line and her eyes scanning prey.

Alex lay there panting, immobile and impatiently waiting for what was to come. She fiercely hoped Maddie would undo her bra and reveal her creamy white breasts and tiny nipples. They stood high, the pink buds of her nipples always pointing upwards, and Alex couldn’t wait for one of them to coast along her lips.

Her prayers were answered as Maddie brought her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra. Alex inhaled sharply, her entire body pulsing with want. Foreplay between them wasn’t always so unconventional, but either way, she was ready for the more advanced action to begin.

Maddie’s breasts tumbled out of her bra. She slipped it off her shoulders and threw it behind her onto the floor. Maddie’s gestures always had a flare for the dramatic, while it was Alex who was supposed to have fiery Mediterranean blood running through her veins.

Alex checked, if by any chance, the cuffs holding her wrists in place hadn’t come loose so she could cup Maddie’s divine breasts—they fit so snugly in her hands. She wanted to roll Maddie’s nipples between her fingers and pinch hard. Maddie could take as good as she could give. The cuffs held and Alex could tell her struggle with them—and the consequent flexing of her bicep—excited Maddie. She was fast to discard her underwear and position herself on all fours, hovering over Alex, her breasts inching close to Alex’s wanting mouth.

Maddie traced her lips over Alex’s collarbone, not quite kissing and not quite touching, blowing air on her skin until all the hairs on it reached skyward.

Her lips trailed down, only briefly stopping at Alex’s nipples to lick them into even stiffer buttons. She blew air on Alex’s inner thighs and pussy lips—hot moist air driving Alex crazy.

The only body part, apart from her head, that Alex could manoeuvre was her pelvis and she thrust it in the direction of Maddie’s teasing mouth.

While digging her fingers into Alex’s abs, Maddie flicked her tongue where the whip had done the same earlier. Short, quick snaps of her tongue skated across Alex’s lips and Alex eased into it, relaxing, knowing it was only a matter of minutes now.

When Maddie’s tongue found Alex’s clit and circled it, she buried her nails in the muscles of Alex’s belly, causing Alex to expel a loud moan. It wasn’t the first time Maddie did it, but the effect it had on Alex still surprised her. Desire mingling with pain. Pleasure blending with lust. Alex was no stranger to it all—Rita had made sure of that—but a new lover always brings new tricks to the table, and Maddie certainly knew what she was doing.

Maddie sucked Alex’s clit into her mouth and let her tongue dance over it. Exquisite sensations slammed into Alex, starting at her core and spreading through her well-kept muscles at lightning speed. Maddie kept working on the sensitive bud between Alex’s legs, letting her tongue alternate between circling Alex’s clit and lapping at her lips.

Shackled and bound, the sensation hit Alex twice as hard and when Maddie traced one hand from Alex’s abs to between her legs and pushed the tip of her finger in, Alex couldn’t stifle a scream.

Just like that, Maddie was inside of her while licking her, and the trembling started. For all the control Alex issued over her muscles in her daily life, they were useless when it came to this. Shaking and contracting of their own volition, leaving Alex spent in a matter of seconds.

Maddie added another finger and upped the pace of her tongue. Alex held on to the railing of the bed and shoved her heels into the mattress as the climax engulfed her. She felt the walls of her pussy clench around Maddie’s fingers, again and again, as she rode out her orgasm and Maddie’s tongue bestowed a few more strokes on her clit.

After slowly pulling her fingers out, and wiping Alex’s juices off her lips, Maddie was quick to loosen Alex’s restraints. She untied the scarves and unlocked the cuffs and poured her hot limbs over Alex’s shivering body. Taking advantage of experiencing freedom of motion again, Alex curled her arms around Maddie’s neck and drew her close.

“You can whip me any time,” she whispered in Maddie’s ear.

“I intend to,” Maddie replied and bit into her earlobe.

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