Things I did this week #10

Back by popular demand (the wife asked for it): my weekly list of very interesting things I’ve done this past week. 😉

– Sent No Ordinary Love (High Rise Novella Three) to my dearly beloved beta-readers (thank you!)
– Barely survived an 8K hike across Hong Kong island (believe me, it’s a very steep island)
– Ran 5K for the first time since 2011
– Watched The L Word with a bunch of gays (most heard comments: “That’s not what lesbians look like!” and “They’re just like gay men!”)
– Saw grown men cry (when Mary-Louise Parker’s character died in Fried Green Tomatoes)
– Thoroughly enjoyed Kristin Lehman’s arms in Motive
– Requested two batches of ISBNs (and felt very grown up about it)
– Procrastinated a lot
– Wrote a short story (and submitted it for publication in an anthology)
– Stopped obsessively checking my sales figures (so liberating)
– Had a very exciting idea to celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of Ladylit (It’s only in June, but some preparation is required)
– Started thinking about possible dirty and dramatic plot lines for High Rise Novella Four (Nat and Isabella are such an explosive combination)
– Went on a Harlan Coben binge (Stay Close kept me up at night, but, admittedly, I’m a real wussy when it comes to thrillers.)
– Blogged about my Valentine’s Day Facebook contest (you can still enter!)
– Got a Pinterest account (but still haven’t sussed out how it works)
– Drooled over Jillian Michael’s abs
– Marvelled at Charlize Theron’s new hair cut
– Made this list

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