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Fool for LoveIn today’s Fool for Love‘s blog post, I’ll tell you a bit more about its main characters Alex and Maddie. Before I started on the first draft I literally had weeks to put together character sheets as I was in Europe for a month-long family visit (and as we all know: newborn baby nephew=zero writing).

Instead of writing, I thought about writing (which is usually not my way of doing things). I anticipated all the writing I would do once I got back to Hong Kong without the cutest baby boy distracting me. So, I dug up a fancy Moleskine notebook someone gave me for my birthday (I have a whole stack because ever since coming out as a writer they seem to be the only presents I get) and started composing biographies for my four main characters.

Let’s start with (a brief summary of) Alex.

Full name: Alessandra Pozzato
Birthday: 9 October 1981
Country of birth: Hong Kong
Nickname: Alex (or Pizza, as Nat likes to call me)
Profession: Group fitness instructor at Shape
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Best friend: Nathalie Orange (Nat)
Favourite movie: Anything with Charlize Theron (except Monster)
Favourite song: We Found Love by Rihanna (or anything highly energetic and suitable for gym class)
Favourite item of clothing: Tank top (white)
Favourite food: anything organic
Relationship status: heartbroken

And continue with Maddie

– Full name: Madison Gardens
– Birthday: 12 December 1972
– Country of birth: Australia
– Nickname: Maddie
– Profession: Investment banker at Crawford & Chase
– Hair colour: Blond
– Eye colour: Grey-blue
– Best friend: Isabella Douglas
– Favourite movie: Basic Instinct
– Favourite song: Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
– Favourite food: Anything that goes with a nice bottle of Veuve Cliquot
Time in Hong Kong: Two years
– Relationship status: It’s complicated

Let’s finish with another excerpt. (And don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy!) This scene takes place right before Alex and her flatmate Nat go up to Isabella’s penthouse to sample some of her Scotch.

© Harper Bliss 2012

Usually, Alex had the place to herself on a Friday night, resulting in a YouTube clip hopping frenzy of interviews with Charlize Theron—to whom Rita bore an uncanny resemblance. She could hardly pretend to have forgotten about Rita altogether, no matter how hard Nat was trying to push her into the arms of another woman. It had only been five weeks and two days.

“Why do I have to change, anyway? We’re only going two floors up and I didn’t know you were such a stickler for decorum.” Alex asked Nat, who stood adjusting the collar of her shirt in the bathroom mirror.

“It’s the penthouse, Alessandra. You can’t go to the penthouse in sweat pants. It’s not right.”

“Well, excuse me, Miss Donatella Orange, but if I’m not welcome the way I am, I might as well stay in.” Alex slanted against the door frame of the bathroom. “And don’t call me Alessandra.”

“Donatella is worse.” Nat stuck her tongue out and her reflection in the mirror looked ridiculous enough to coax a smile out of Alex. Nat turned towards Alex, an unexpected kindness in her eyes. “It’s just a drink. Nothing more. And no funny business on my part, I swear.”

“Oh, all right.” Alex was getting sick of sulking at home, anyway.

“Now put on those cheap H&M jeans. It shouldn’t be said out loud, but your ass looks absurdly good in them.” Nat took a step closer and put her hands on Alex’ shoulders. “I know you’ve been hurt. Badly. But you’re hot stuff, Pizza. And the world is a better place with your ass in those jeans in it.” She quickly pecked Alex on the cheek. “And last I heard, looking good never hurt anyone.”

“What am I supposed to say to that?” Alex fought the urge to draw Nat in for a hug.

“Absolutely nothing. Come on, hurry up. I can taste that Scotch already.” Nat combed two fingers through her bangs and straightened her posture.

“You’re so easy to get, Orange.”

“If only someone could keep me, though.”

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