Things I did this week #4

– Marched in the Hong Kong Gay Pride
– Attended the Gay Day at Hong Kong Disney Land
– Had an extremely gay weekend
– Started novella two of High Rise
– Submitted a dirty short story for publication
– Fell in love some more with my new neighbourhood (I’ll post some pictures soon)
– Watched too many episodes of MasterChef The Professionals
– Discovered I’m still in tune with the youngsters because my new favourite TV show is Underemployed on MTV
– Started reading Salman Rushdie’s memoir Joseph Anton because of the Padma Lakshmi connection and got so much more than I bargained for (it’s a really great read)
– Planned the publication of Fool for Love, the first High Rise novella
– Nearly burst out of my skin with excitement because Claudia Winkleman is back with Film 2012
– Sold my 3000th e-book (thank you!)
– Celebrated the release of Lipstick Lovers with a cold Asahi (or two)
– Coughed some more, but it’s getting better
– Made this list

2 Responses

  1. I enjoy your lists! Not to mention being impressed by the amount of writing-related things you get done. I’m tempted to blog my own list, but it would read something along the lines of “drank coffee, drank red wine, didn’t write anything…”

  2. Lol, sorry, I seem to have missed your comment, hence the late reply… I wisely leave out the drinking wine/beer bits… the thing with the list is you put in what you want really. 😉
    Do give it a go!

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