Things I did this week #3

– Packed
– Packed some more
– Moved house
– Openmouthedly watched how four men disassembled, transported and re-assembled all of our furniture in less than three hours
– Coughed through more days and nights than I cared for
Censored a behind
– Shed a tear of joy for Obama’s re-election
– Watched that speech way too many times
– Marvelled at This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz (Do read!)
– Gave five well-deserved stars to Gone Girl on GoodReads
– Got rid of a lot of junk
– Downsized
– Suffered through too much of Hong Kong banks’ crazy backwards bureaucracy
– Quite enjoyed Skyfall (and that exotic Bond Girl)
– Prayed for a smooth transition of our internet connection (it worked)
– Developed a TV crush on Monica Galetti
– Glowed for days after reading this review of Younger Than Yesterday
– Sent Fool For Love to my beta-readers
– Paid tribute to Bette Porter
– Napped like there was no tomorrow
– Tried three different kinds of cough syrup (all disgusting)
– Made this list

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