Sunday Snog – All of Me

Sunday Snog

All of MeToday’s snog is from my free story All of Me, which has just been released as a free ebook. You can either read it in the Free Stories section, download the PDF or get it from Smashwords or Kobo.

This story is rather kinky, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. (And yes, the cover does kind of say it all.) 😉

Here’s the blurb:
Jess’ girlfriend Laila surprises her one night when she flips her over and demands all of her.

And here’s the snippet…

Her hair slipped down my hips as she lowered herself and planted a tender kiss at the top of my crack. It stood in stark contrast to the way she was handling my asshole, ravaging it with her fingers at an increasingly merciless pace. If my hands had been anywhere near my clit, it would have been more than enough to propel me into another star-shattering orgasm.

She trailed a path of moist kisses along my butt cheek and, when reaching the top of its curve, bit into my flesh. Another shock ripped through my body, tightening my muscles and leaving me breathless. My pussy pulsed like crazy, roaring for attention, screaming for release.

I panted into the pillow as she withdrew her fingers, leaving my ass wanting more.

Do stop by Victoria’s blog for more adventurous snogging!

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