Things I did this week #2

– Decided to make this list a weekly thing
– Rewrote / edited / rewrote / edited (doesn’t sound very sexy, I know)
– Got blown away by Asking For Trouble by Kristina Lloyd (and felt a little dirty afterwards)
– Received the keys to our new apartment
– Tried to expand my vocabulary
– Decided to publish All of Me as a free e-book (coming soon)
– Listened to Diva by Annie Lennox about twenty times
– Discovered I still knew the words to all the songs on Diva, despite its release date twenty (!) years ago
– Made first notes for my next series, tentatively titled After Dark
– Realised I still have three novellas to write in the High Rise series before I can start on After Dark
– Bought a new desk
– Said goodbye to my old desk (the one on which I wrote my first dirty story)
– Decided Annie Lennox is the best female vocalist ever
– Successfully ignored Halloween, just like every year
– Sped through the first half of Gone Girl
– Drank too much coffee with fancy foam on top
– Visited new gym once
– Made appointment with personal trainer
– Started packing
– Made this list

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