French Kissing Fantasy Casting: Claire Cyr

When imagining a character, I have a very strong tendency to picture them as really hot famous people. It’s what makes erotica writing the best job in the world. ;-)

I know I said in an one of my earlier French Kissing blog posts that I wouldn’t reveal the physical inspiration for the characters, but I’ve been (mildly) pressed to do so and… well, I also came across this picture which simply begs to be shared. (I’ve only been staring at it all day long.)

Let’s start with Claire, because I believe that cat has been out of the bag for quite some time (due to the obvious nature of my choice/long-standing celebrity crush.) Of course, Claire = Robin Wright!


I’m so jealous of Margot.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to reveal who ‘my Margot’ is (although that one’s not really much of a secret either.) ;-p

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  1. CC says:

    Holy wow. Um, you owe me a new phone — pretty sure my screen just melted. Thanks for the, ahem, blissful read that was French Kissing Season 1, have enjoyed it (in oh so many ways) tremendously and my mind’s been buzzing with what the characters will get up to in S2! :)

    • Harper Bliss says:

      Oops, sorry about the phone, but I really believe that picture iss a joy to be shared! ;-) Thank you & so happy you enjoyed Season 1!

  2. T. says:

    Nicely played!

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